At Nephor, experts help you with different technology needs of business

Cloud Consulting

We at Nephor bring vast experience in helping our customers in their cloud journey. We have helped numerous organizations both big and small move to the cloud leveraing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in the right combination. We help our customers by understanding their priorities, business objectives and long term goals to chart the right course of their cloud journey - perfoming assessments, identifying the right set of applications and the right order in which to migrate them - determining the suitable combination of refactoring, rebuilding or replacing their systems on the cloud for them.

Consulting assignments are hourly or long term engagements to help you build strategy and roadmap by getting answers to questions like – can we move this application to the cloud, what is the best way to move this application to cloud, benefits of moving in the short and long term, risks, costs, how much effort is required etc.

Cloud Audits

We help customers do on-demand or regular cloud audits by reviewing your setup on the cloud and doing an in-depth analysis of the resources and services being used.

These audits help access resources for cost, compliance, security and come up with actionable reports to optimize the setups. These audits are typically performed every quarter or at pre-defined intervals to improve the setups and make them more robust gradually while setting up long term company policies and best practices.

Cloud Migration

Nephor takes pride in having helped a number of startups and enterprises move to the cloud by migrating their systems as-is (IaaS) to the cloud as well as by leveraging PaaS. We will help you in your cloud journey end to end by perfoming assessments, identifying the right set of applications and the right order in which to migrate them with least risk and cost - determining the suitabble combination of refactoring, rebuilding or replacing them before moving to the cloud.

We also help you with cloud cost estimation to help you take informed decisions before starting the migrations and provide post migration support to stabilize the cloud setup. Our migration guidance is built keeping in mind future proofing of systems to enable business innovation and rapid growth.

Cloud Billing and Cost Optimizations

We understand - cloud is tricky and if not done properly, it will burn a huge hole in the pockets. This is where Nephor brings the required expertise to do exactly the right things necessary for your business. Doing regular monitoring and evaluation of costs and optimizing the cloud setup to meet your performance, capacity, availability and business goals while keeping the costs within the lowest required budgets.

Our deep expertise in cloud systems has helped us understand the nuances of cloud services from various platforms and how to utilize them effectively for different workloads. We help our partners by sharing these tips and tricks to obtain the maximum from the cloud at the least cost.

Cloud DevOps

Whether you are a software development company, a startup or an established enterprise, you are definitely thinking of optimizing your software development, management, release operations. We help to define and create automation pipelines to completely manage your process of code check-in all the way upto test and release deployment to help you make it error-free, cost effective and reliable every time you have to make changes, fix bugs, release new versions or even to fresh automated deployments for scaling or disaster management.

Successful DevOps requires indepth understandiong of people and processes of each team and organization to implement effective automation. We help implement efficient DevOps pipelines to automate end-to-end software development and other organizational processes for our partners. These translate into value in terms of speed to market, cost, effort and error reduction.

Cloud Security Profiling and Advisory

We at Nephor help organizations implement security best practices on the Cloud and set up processes to do regular security profiling and advise our customers on the actions needed to stay secure and compliant as per their corporate policies.

We help our partners do security planning for new setups or analyze existing cloud setups to implement the best practices for securing their infra, data and apps on the cloud. We specialize in implementing best security practices for both IaaS and PaaS services on Azure and implementing organization wide policies to secure assets on the cloud to prevent losses.

Micro Services, Serverless and Containerization

Want to decide if moving your existing apps to microservices or conatiners is the right thing or even possible? We will help you do the evaluation and work with your teams to come up with the right combination of architecutre for your needs. Whether it is dockerizing your existing apps or setting up a Kubernetes cluster on the cloud to manage high availability, scale and optimize costs - we can help you do it.

Conversational AI

We can help you build and deploy bots based on conversational AI for various domains end to end. By building knowledge bases from your existing data, to creating NLP models and deploying them as highly available services which can be used in different places like your website, mobile applications, skype etc. to make discover and accessibility of information easy and cheap.